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Comfy Balance | All-in-1 Treatment Scrub

Comfy Balance | All-in-1 Treatment Scrub

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Comfy Balance Treatment Scrub 

A Scrub, A Mask, A Cleanser, and 100% all natural.

Throughout the years Comfy Balance scrub has improved to reveal your brightest most healthy skin. This decadent body scrub is spreadable and with just a small amount you will be able to exfoliate large areas of the body.

Use on bikini line to get rid of, and prevent ingrown hairs and bumps. Safe for use on lips to keep them soft and bright. Comfy Balance contains organic turmeric root which has been used for centuries to brighten skin. Balance the appearance of your skin with Comfy Balance!

Skin Area: Face, bikini line, body, lips, great as a spot treatment.

Target concerns:
+ Hyperpigmentation
+ Complexion
+ Acne
+ Dark Marks
+ Bikini Hair Bumps
+ Ingrown Hairs
+ Dirt buildup + pores

Scent: Fragrance free- smells sweet and natural
Texture: Thick and soft

INGREDIENTS: Sucros, Organic Curcuma Longa+, Vitellaria Paradoxa, Cocos Nucifera+, Organic Sustainable Palm Oil+, Cocoa Pod Ash, Clay, Raw honey+, Oleum amygdalae, Pyrus Malus, Walnut, Carthamus Tinctorius. Gentle Preservative. Certified Organic+


How To Use

  • Apply nice sized glob to *damp* skin AM/PM

  • Massage into the skin and exfoliate

  • Follow up with an oil or moisturizer

  • Use 2-3x per week

  • Keep Dry
  • Patch Test prior to using it you tend to break out.






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