Pom + Turmeric + Oat Gentle Bar

Pom + Turmeric + Oat Gentle Bar

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This bar was formulated and handmade from scratch by me, Avery here @ MWB!

It’s special because it’s chock full of turmeric which is known to fade marks and scars. I use this bar for every single thing. Inner thighs, booty, eczema (yes I have eczema) and most importantly on my FACE!
There is absolutely no fragrance or Essential oil in this bar, it can be used on even the softest most delicate skin.

It’s made with all natural pomegranate which is high in vitamin C content and is great for acne and bumps caused by acne. The oatmeal and turmeric in this bar team up and make that hyperpigmentation killer.

Ingredients we love: coconut oil, olive oil, oatmeal

certified organic

2oz or 4oz