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ORCHID Yoni Steam

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Yoni: Sanskrit for “Sacred Temple”.

Steaming is an ancient ritual that helps the woman to activate her own feminine energy and connect with her body.

This ritual has also been known to benefit the “sacred temple” in numerous ways such as soothing cramps for some, help with lightening of the menstrual flow, increasing libido, and helping with fertility.

The properties of the herbs are extracted with the heat and moisture of the steam. This encourages circulation causing the vulva to ✨open just like a lotus✨ and penetrate the tissues of the labia, infusing with the herbs. Leaving you feelIng soft and pure. And that’s on tissue penetration!

With the special blend of herbs in our Orchid Yoni steam, I hope to help as many women as possible.

This Bag should be enough for 3-5 steams, depending on how much you use!