CALM BALM | Brightening Eye Balm

CALM BALM | Brightening Eye Balm

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Eye Balm made specifically for use under the eyes to help hydrate and soothe the area and make for brighter and tighter under eyes. Help prevent bags or lessen the appear

Ingredients: Cera Alba, +Simmondsia chinensis, Mangifera indica, +Rosehip, +Curcuma longa, Calendula, Tocopherol, Lavender, 

This is a lifting balm for the under eyes. Made to lighten the appearance of dark spots. Formulated with turmeric, calendula and and comfrey to decrease dryness and heal callused skin underneath the eyes.

Target concerns:
+Dark circles under eyes
+Hyperpigmentation spot treatment
+Moisturizing the under eye
+Evens the skin tone

Call Balm Ingredients:

Mmango Butter, Turmeric, jojoba, rosehip, Lavender flower, Marigold, comfrey 

How To Use -

  • Before bed and after washing face, apply a thick layer of Calm Balm to the under eye area and any other areas of concern.

  • Upon waking up, rub in any left over Calm Balm,